In the interest of our SusanDoesTaxes team and our customers, we are taking all measures to ensure no contamination is passed to us or you. We are treating each file and client with the utmost respect and as if every person and piece of paper is contaminated. As such, all files are being handled with the utmost care, used on surfaces treated after each file, and separated from all other files when processed. We want to keep everyone in the greater SusanDoesTaxes family safe and healthy. Most importantly, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that your filings are addressed with safety and expediency without spreading illness to you or your neighbors.


You can now drop off your paperwork without face-to-face contact – 24/7. The left window (nearest to Pike Street) at the back (facing Adams Street) has been converted into a dropbox. Instructions above the drop slot outline procedures.

If you have loose paperwork, please use one of the large envelopes available in the plastic bin next to the window. Oversize packages that will not fit into the drop slot may be placed at the backdoor of our office (where the handicap ramp allows building access).

Please call, text, knock on the windows, or come in the side door (handicapped ramp entrance) nearest the paved parking lot to notify us if your paperwork will not fit in either lockbox.

If you are a new client, please fill out a New Client Information sheet – available here or next to the envelope box at the drop-off window. We want to ensure that we have everything necessary to process your return.

Any ensuing questions from either party will be handled over the phone, via email, or through text messaging.


A viable solution that is strongly encouraged is to use our Secure File Portal.  If you have access to the internet and can scan or capture digital images of your documents, we can set up a dedicated folder for you to upload your information. This can also work for your signature pages and any additional pieces of information not included in your original drop-off. If you are a NEW client, email or call to receive your login information. Click here for more information.


We will contact you once your return is complete and we offer options for pick-ups as well.

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: We can save your signature pages to a folder on my Secure File Pro Portal and have you sign and repost your pages for me to process your return. 
  • Call or text me when you arrive and are parked in the lot behind the building – paved lot at 8 South Main Street. We will bring out your return for signature and payment. If you will be paying by credit/debit card, include that in your text message or conversation.
  • We can mail your signature pages for you to sign and mail back, however with unknown USPS delays, this method is NOT ADVISED. Utilization of this method will require mailing the payment back to SusanDoesTaxes with your signatures.


  • Files cannot be processed until signature pages are signed and payment has been received. Once that has occurred digitally or in person, we will process your return. Then, once payment has been rendered, you can take your file. If you’d rather come in person, we will not be able to give your files back to you until you: 1) Let us know when you will be coming and we will meet you at your car in the parking lot behind my building.  2) Call or text and we will come out with your folder. 3) Have your payment form ready if you haven’t paid already.  We will try and limit any exposure time and have you on your way in a few minutes.  If you have any questions, we ask that you call and we can review over the phone. AGAIN, face-to-face pick-ups and meetings will be limited to safeguard everyone.
  • If using the Secure File Pro Portal, once your signature page is uploaded and you have paid through credit card or via check received through the mail, your file will be submitted to the IRS and state revenue offices and your document(s) can be downloaded for your purposes. 

Please take heed of every precaution presently available and forthcoming from local, state, and national sources. Most importantly, may we all practice kindness and common sense as we work through this time of uncertainty. Thank you!