Engagement Agreement for the Preparation of Tax Returns

This confirms the terms of our engagement with you and outlines the nature and extent of the services we will provide.

We will prepare your 2023 federal and state and local tax returns as applicable. Your accurate tax return is dependent upon you providing all necessary information including pertinent tax forms and demographic updates. We may ask you to clarify or supply additional items but will not otherwise verify the data you submit. A simplified organizer provided on the reverse is for collecting basic demographic information. More inclusive organizers are available upon request to assist your consideration of information which may aid in the timeliness and efficient preparation of your return.

We will perform accounting services only as needed to prepare your tax returns. Our work will not include procedures to find defalcations or other irregularities. Accordingly, our engagement should not be relied upon to disclose errors, fraud, or other illegal acts, though it may be necessary for you to clarify necessary data. We will inform you of any material errors, fraud, or other illegal acts we discover.

In an instance of a potential conflict with tax law, we will outline the reasonable courses of action and the risks and consequences of each. We will adopt, on your behalf, the option you select.

If you have not selected to e-file your returns with our office, you will be solely responsible to file the returns with the appropriate taxing authorities. Review all tax return documents carefully before signing them. Our engagement to prepare your 2023 tax returns will conclude with the delivery of the completed returns to you, or with e-filed returns, with your signature and our subsequent submission of your tax return. Be sure to store these records, along with all supporting documents, in a secure location. We will retain digital copies of your records and our physical papers from your engagement for up to seven years. After the seven years, Susan Does Taxes LLC will destroy physical documents.

To affirm that you understand the arrangements for this service, a signed version of this agreement must be accompained with your tax documents or will be provided upon payment and prior to processing of the return to the applicable government agencies.